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About Us

We manufacture various kind of Moulds for Pet bottle, Sports Bottle, House Hold Jar , Sauce Bottle, Cosmetic Bottle etc. There are so many types of Moulds.....Which we can Provide to customer as per their sample,& design. We manufacture Water Mould, Soda Mould, Juice Mould, liquor Mould, Jar Mould, Pharma Mould, Fridge Bottle Mould, Oil Bottle Mould etc.

With a mission to offer world class solutions to our target customers, we, Dynamic Mould started our business operations the year 2008. Since our inception, we are engaged in manufacturing premium quality custom built PET Blow Moulds. We strive to provide our customers with products that offer complete value for their money. Owing to our consistent efforts to meet highest international standards has enabled us to establish ourselves as a well trusted manufacturer in the industry. We are strongly committed to supply a superlative and cost effective product range that is innovatively designed by our proficient team of designers.

Dynamic PET Mould is committed to the supply of a high quality product that offers real value for money and we are dedicated to providing first class service to our customers in every area of our business.

We are committed to attaining the highest standards in all areas of our business. Our aim is to exceed your expectations not just the first time but every time; and in so doing, to build an enduring mutually beneficial partnership with you. All product ranges are designed and manufactured by Dynamic PET Mould as high performance solutions to the needs and expectations of our diverse client and application base today, tomorrow and beyond.

Active in the market for over the years and with a management team and workforce possessing an unrivalled degree of knowledge and experience, we can offer you the peace of mind that only comes from dealing with an established and professional organisation.

Dynamic PET Mould is committed to the continuous improvement and development of our product ranges and manufacturing processes to the ultimate long term benefit of our customers.

These developments are driven by a combination of our internal product improvement map; customer consultation and suggestion; the introduction of new materials by our supply partners; and the constant analysis of fault frequency and impact on both finished product and work in progress.

We always welcome input from both our valued customers and also potential new clients. If you have a suggestion to make for either a product or service enhancement, please do write us.


Dynamic PET Mould is committed to the supply of a high quality product on time, every time in order to consistently meet the expectations of our customers.

Our Quality System is designed to ensure continuous improvement in the performance of every process, from the receipt of a customer enquiry through product design and manufacture to completion, delivery after care service. The system quickly identifies any weakness in our process controls and provides a vehicle for generating improvement.

To achieve our objective we hold regular management review meetings that ensure the effectiveness of our policies and systems. We believe that the way forward is to find the root cause of an issue, review the procedure, implement changes for improvement and communicate these revisions effectively to our people.

To assist in the improvement process and ensure consistent quality standards are met, we employ a dedicated team of experienced Quality Inspectors who perform staged inspections throughout the manufacturing process. Their task is to stop and rectify any faults at source, promoting quality awareness throughout our production facility and to play an active role in the development of our systems.

In addition to the above, we invest heavily in Research and Development in order to ensure the continuous improvement of our existing product range and the introduction of innovative new concepts for the benefit of our diverse customer base.

Customer Service

As a well established manufacturer of secure steel accommodation, we have achieved a reputation for professionalism and service. Our efficient, no fuss approach means that you get a product that really works according to an agreed timescale and without any of the problems that often seem to accompany such projects.

A company-wide dedication to provide first class service to our customers in every area of our business.

Substantial investment in R & D including extensive component and product testing ensures that our range maintains a position at the forefront of the market.

Stringent quality control procedures operated at all stages of production by a dedicated team make sure that every unit meets the necessary standards.

Clear and accurate information at all stages of the sales cycle

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