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Pet Mould
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Bottle Design
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PET Mould Features

PET Moulds are designed for high performance using alloy steels and stainless steels, which guarantee maximum precision, high stability, and long life.
Using sophisticated and very fast systems, we support customers from preform to bottle design, to optimize the functional and aesthetic , demands of the container.
Profiled core and cavity cooling channels increase the heat transfer coefficient, resulting in greater efficiency and minimized cycle times.
Manufactured to very high standards and optimized for preform production, our moulds have a service life of several years before refurbishing becomes necessary. Mould design makes service and maintenance operations fast and easy.
Our design standardization provides maximum application flexibility and rapid changeovers.

We manufacturer complete Mould set and Change Parts for the following

Injection Station
HR Runners, Manifolds, Housings, Back Plates
Injection Cavity, Pressure Rings, Injection Core, Housings, Cooling Plates

Conditioning Station
Conditioning Pot, Core, Housing

Blow Station
Blow Mould Assembly and Housing, Bottom Mould, Blow Core Assembly and Housing, Stretch Rod Assembly and Housing

Ejection Station
Ejection Assembly

Off- center bottles, Oval, Wide Mouth Jars, PP/PC Bottles, Tennis Ball Jar etc

Material of Construction
key Elements - NAK 55 / DHF2, NAK 80, P20
plates, Housings - Ramax s grade from assab



Alumec 89* that (Equivalent to DUR Aluminium) an Aluminium special alloy manufactured especially for the purpose of making high speed, longer - lasting blow moulds by British Aluminum Company, Almond* (Almet*, Germany)

Staintess Steel, Delrin etc. are used where ever necessary.

Construction will be exactly as per specific machine requirements.

Recoil Tool Steel Thread Inserts will be provided to prevent thread damage on Aluminium due to frequent assembling and dismantling.

Cooling channels for intensive cooling (for faster cycle times) are provided with inlet and outlet quick-releasing (Staubili*, Hasco*) connecters fitted.

Air venting is accorded the same importance as cooling and the air is effectively vented out where necessary.

SURFACE TREATMENT- Blow Moulds are Hard Anodized and made scratch proof

Material of Construction details, specifications properties, heat/surface treatment etc of each product is listed under each heading of bottom.

Quality is the sum and substance of all phases of our operation. We recognize quality as an equal partner to price and delivery, and have implemented the latest in inspection equipment and methodology in both our quality control department as well as the machining environment.
Contracer, Mitutoyo
CMM, Mitutoyo
Plotter... a few worth the mention here… apart from a complete range of digital / dial measuring instruments
Technical skills, Close interaction with Customers, Latest Advanced Equipments fuse together to assure that accuracy and quality are not left to chance.

"Polishing" made easy and fast! For the first time in India, an equipment that has semi - automized "polishing process" with computerized tilting table & artificial arms controlled by human skill has been installed at our shop floor.

We have elicited dimensions and technical data from the machines directly and have constructed moulds to meet those specifications. All details and dimensions are stored in our data base.

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