Our Products

Made of best quality steel with proper cooling systems. Diamond polished hard chrome plated and sandblasted. Fully automatic, fast production, multi-cavity moulds. Completely made on CNC Machines. Interchangeable Cold Half for better utilization of Hot Runner. A modular concept where Core Assembly, Stripper Assembly, Cavity Assembly are different entities. Turbulent Cooling Channels for optimum cooling avoiding hot spots. Smooth parting lines. Nominal eccentricity.

Linear blowing machines employ multiple cavities mounted on a common plate, producing multiple bottles in a single cycle. The most advanced machines produce upto 10 bottles in one cycle, with an astonishing speed of 250 bottles per minute. We manufacture moulds for the entire spectrum of linear machines: ranging from 2-cavities to 10-cavities. Our moulds are successfully running across machines like Sidel Synergy, Shyam Plastic, Global PET Industries, Ishwari PET, SBR.

Rotary blowing machines consist of multiple cavities mounted individually in blowing stations. These blowing stations rotate at breath-taking speed, producing thousands of bottles per hour per station. The most common configurations of rotary machines consist of 8 to 20 cavities. We manufacture moulds for several rotary blowing machines like Sidel, Krones, Techlong, Sacmi, SMI, SIG and KHS.